Thursday 15 May 2008

Ugly dog contenders 2008

My money's on David 'Pee Wee' Martini

Via Look At This...


  1. The world-famous ugly dog contest. We try to go every year since it's in our backyard!

    Surfed in from Lee Ann's.

  2. Deadman, we have something similar in our yard! Thanks to Lee Ann for the mention, I've added her to my fave blogs.

  3. Lee Ann is a sweetheart.

    My site just went private because I have also seen the "hole" of the internet - The a**hole.


  4. You don't have far to travel to find them!

  5. Oh don't!! These poor babes. . I couldn't vote for any.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...all God creatures...

    I bet they are the sweetest of natured of the dogs. I know some gorgiously pretty dogs... horrible...horrible nasty little mutts that would have your hand off...x x

  6. Chazza, I'm sure they are lovely natured dogs, what more could you ask for - when you're having a bad day, those faces looking at you would cheer you up no end :-D

  7. Boy Yes for sure. . .lol x x