Thursday, 29 May 2008

paranormal investigators release haunting footage

Via Smout


  1. NEW DEEP HEAT any x x

  2. should be in advertising!

  3. ...LOL....Was that the Michelline Man???....he's fallin down on the job....(and lookin kinda rough too!!.).......

    Hey!! I may have found a way to catch Mr. Smartie Pants "Dali thief"........

    Only thing though.... I had to put aside my pride & call my Ex to do it.....

    He knows a Currator of a huge Gallory in Houston.....Turns out he knows (of) this guy!! Of course they all run in the same circles up there I guess....

    (he's very ostentatious anyway, I'm surprised he hasn't gotten himself busted already!)

    Anyway, He's gonna have some mutual friends of his see if he still has it, and By Law, if a currator finds out the loc. of a stolen piece, he/she HAS to report it.........My ex knows more people on "that" side of the fence.....I never cared for them. But he has more pull and I know he'd never let anything get back to me. Besides he was there that night too. So I'll just let him handle it.....

    It will be so sweet if that guy still has this!!....=0)

    I don't care, as long as it gets back to whom it belongs.....=0)

  4. Gallery...I can't spell for shit!!

  5. Yes, I knew it they're just like us.
    "But they are us in a manner of speaking."

    Well I guess they are at that.
    Cracked up- brilliant stuff.

  6. And now for something completely different

  7. Gallery...I can't spell for shit!!


  8. After being strapped to my Sofa & forced to Watch Britain's Got Talent on ITV last night.I think this bloke would stand a great chance of winning next year!

  9. Thanks asshole.....

    How on earth could any of us function without the smart motherfuckers like you....

  10. Kim I'm not sure who that last comment is for...surely not me :-D

  11. No!! Not you....It was for the "deadman" correcting my spelling....I guess....

    I've taken allot of pills since then tho so I don't even remember posting it...L...