Friday, 16 May 2008

Rabbit dog

From Pete


  1. whata cutie!!......

    Hi Joanne!....Sory I haven't visited in a few days....Just stopped by to say hey and that I hope you're havin' a great weekend!!....xx

  2. Hi Kimberly. Had a nice quiet weekend, how about you?

  3. What's shakin' Seniorita!!...

    My weekend has been alright.....pretty quiet

    Except 2 girls checked me out at a red light today which really tripped me out and I don't know why it did. because I have gay friends & that's never been a prejudice, so .....

    I dunno,....Maybe I need to go back to my therapist again....


  4. Kim, I misread that as two girls checking you out at a red light Was thinking could have cashed in on that!

    Did you blow them a kiss and drive/walk off?

    We don't do much therapy around here. A slagging off/kind word from a relative/friend usually does the trick.

  5. The feel of stain against the skin/fur. . Does it every time. . .lol x x

  6. P.s. . Sorry meant Satin. .

  7. Its voice is similar in pitch to Donald Duck's.

  8. Chazza, I'd say the owners have felt a few stains after he's been on the bed, lol.

    Istvanski, sounds like Donald Duck being strangled.


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