Monday, 16 March 2009

Cookie Monster not amused


  1. Well, that depends on how he "uses" the banana, doesn't it?

  2. chazza said: Poo Cookie Mon. . Even Monsters need a balanced diet. Lol. .x x x

    Isti Isti Isti. . . .typical 'potty' . . .~\__/~. Men ha! ! ?x x

  3. I dont blame him. I'd be pissed too. You want to eat cookies and all you're offered is a bunch of fruit? That just ain't fair.

  4. Yep Isti...toy gun, extra finger, butt plug - the banana is his oyster.

    Chazza, I have a balanced diet myself - banoffie, strawberry milkshakes etc. Even though I'm veggie, I don't go for a lot of the rabbit food - more a case of "lettuce-eat" lol

    Dalton, I wouldn't argue with a cookie monster, he can eat his own plops for all I care. Better that than my head!