Saturday, 21 March 2009

PETA demonstration in London

The association PETA held a demonstration in London against restrictive cages in British pig farms where a sow spends usually a month out of five before being killed.
Some naked heavily pregnant activists have placed themselves in cages.


  1. wow - that's pretty hard hitting. I wonder if it will actually stop people eating meat though?

  2. how can people take them seriously if they keep on doing things that make us all say wtf!?

    can i reblog this? you're my source

  3. Alex, I have to agree with them, at least they've caught your attention. I think what they're trying to get across is the unfair treatment of pregnant pigs, trapped in a cage it can't even turn around in.

    As a vegetarian myself, I don't force my opinions upon others, but I would like to see better living conditions for the animals for the duration of their short lives.

  4. Suddenly there's a dearth of fat PETA
    bints so they had to use prego ones???