Tuesday 3 March 2009

Crap Tats

I've seen some shit looking tattoos, but these are something else...


  1. Very crappy...it is permanent ya know, maybe think about letting a professional do it!

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  2. Yeah, anyone can call themselves a tattooist these days, from the evidence i've seen...

  3. A couple of those are prison tatoos, you can tell from the ink if the ink is grayish it's made out of water and cigarette ashes, if it is blue grey they added pen ink into the mix.

  4. And if it's brown, it really is a shit tatt.

  5. Some of those are bad ... REALLY bad.

  6. Daver, that's very interesting - I'll be on the lookout for ex-cons from now on :-)

    Deadman, ha, chances are that's what happens when they run out of ink and ash.

    Momo, I'm sitting here thinking about the previous comment while eating a bar of chocolate. Doesn't put me off at all!

    Dalton J. Fox, they are but would you tell that to a serial killer who had one? lol