Sunday, 15 March 2009

Rainbow Cake

Recipe here, thanks Minnesota Stan


  1. chazza said: 0w wow! ! Wonder what it tastes like.if only Red. . Strawberry, blue. .blueberry, Yellow. .lemon. Etc. . .what a taste sensation.

    Dont know why i keep singing in my head. . Red & yellow, pink & blue. . . .etc. X x x

  2. Recipe and detailed instructions are here:


  3. My Granny used to make me one of these every year for my birthday - marble cake. You make a normal vanilla sponge recipe, then divide it into a few bowls - depending on how many colours you want. Then you put food dye in each bowl, mix it in and layer it all into a cake tin. She would sort of just chuck it in randomly, sometimes stirring to get a more marble effect. She never did different flavours, just colours. Was my favourite!

  4. You'd have to tie the kids up after eating that BUZzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  5. Chazza, I'm sure you could arrange the rainbow taste explosion with a few flavourings! Have a go!

    Stan, thanks very much for the recipe, it's a new one to me.

    Miss Lyd, that sounds very nommy, I want one, now! I was lucky if I got a Rice Krispie bun on my birthday, lol.

    Momo, That's how I go if I see cake and can't get to it :-D

  6. If anyone has a rainbow cake you want taken off your hands, I'll do you the favour.

  7. Happy birthgay! That cake ith jutht thuuuuper!


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