Thursday, 19 March 2009

Unusual Guitars


  1. Beautiful guitars Photos | Crazy guitars Picture A collection of Beautiful guitars from around the world combining art, design and playability. Here are pictures of beautiful carved guitars.

  2. The red batgirl guitar was for sale in a Denmark Street guitar shop for 700 or so GBPs about 2 years ago. Novelty.
    The guitar above that one (green bat guitar) is made to order by Ed Roman in Las Vegas.
    The one at the bottom is (I think) Sweden's answer to a travel guitar.

    Word verification: collitis...

  3. The full collection, James! Pics get around, don't they?

    Isti, you are the trainspotter of the guitar world - I like it!

  4. WTF! Definitely is neccessary pretty much talent to create these fabulous guitar designs. All of them are great, but the second one left me totally speechless.


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