Monday, 15 June 2009


New Website for all you artists out there:

The following user types can have a profile on or create an own group:

* Sole Artists
* Artist Groups
* Galleries
* Bands
* Clubs
* Agencies
* Labels
* Enterprises
* Public Institutions
* And many more... covers all kinds of art and especially the following categories:

Literature, design, graphics, bodyart, fashion, information technology, music, architecture, photography, communications design, philosophy, movies, video, theatre, performance and others.

I couldn't resist setting up a profile :-)


  1. Ha Sweetheart thanks for this one....shall have to bookmark and will be paying many a visit to. .(got my car back full time ...Waaaahaaaa lol)

    Went clubbing Friday night....oh God did I feel my age the next day. (feet) Though come the next day Pyjamma alcohol, munchies and loadddddddds of chocolate fuelled party...great cure for the weiry

    (but I did out dance the youngsters. Couldnt believe it) lol. Sunday was another alcohol fuelled day of 'Race for life' (supported my mates I hadnt seen in yearssssssssss) Barbicue to finish the day.

    Had to get home yesturday... NOOOOOOOO hang over, must have been the over load of chocolates Saturday.....Highly recommend for


  2. Chazza, you're turning into a party animal, woohoo! One night on the grog is usually enough to knock me for six for a few days.

    Choccy must be the cure - you should publish a book on how to avoid a hangover :-)

  3. Slightly disappointed though. . Lol.

    In my younger day of pubbing, clubbing (spent so much money. . . ) A hang over was a true sign of a blinding time.

    So its got to be the choccy's. . .has to be.

    Or its my age. . .finally can handle it. . .lol

    Emm have to do again. . . . Xxx

  4. Chazza I have a suspicion as to why you never got a're still drunk.

  5. Would you mind checking out


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