Monday, 6 July 2009

I'm Paul McCartney


  1. I know of the Beatles, listened to their songs. . .too young to form an attachment and appreciation. . §:-(

    In our house Country Music , Elvis, Shadows and Abba. . bellowed on our radio gram. . Lol yes before hi fi's or we were just poor. . Lol Dad worked for 'Fords' who seemed to always be on strike. . .xxx

  2. What's a radio gram? Is that like a gramophone?

  3. Ah bless yeah. . .was after the gramophone. . Looked like a coffin sideboard. Radio and record player in one. You could stock pile the records one on top of another and would get on with it, till the last one played. . .lol xxx

  4. Ahh I know what you mean, the thing with Radio Luxembourg on the tuner :-D

    I still have an old record player, with tape player and radio, just a small one.


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