Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Some Hairball



  1. That was hysterical. And...having 2 cats....somewhat familiar.

  2. Lemmy, hello, I've never witnessed any of our cats hacking up a hairball. They sneeze in my face a lot, though.

  3. BTW Lemmy, I seem to have joined your followers, twice.

  4. My 8 week old kitten RAN into my computer room last night....stopped dead....stared at me for a second....and hacked up a huge brown hair/puke ball...then ran away again.


    I'll take the twice added following as meaning you are just that big of a fan. lol

  5. Lemmy, your kitten is too small to bring you home dead animals, so this is its way of thanking you.

    The next time I catch a glimpse of the cat eating grass then retching violently - I'll have a closer look.

    Yes, I'm thinking of adding myself again :-)

  6. lmfo. . .our outdoor cat eats grass and chucks up if need be out doors.

    Our indoor one well. . .Benj. .what a fiasco, esp if he starts off whilst on the bed. . .he ends up being evicted on to the floor asap. . .boot up arse (gently. . .hes 13 now. . ) Wet ones have to be found, toilet paper. He usually leaves on the stairs for us. . .lol.

    Reminds me when. . the first time happened around Isti's he went down for the post, bear feet. . . . Heard a 'girly scream session'. . .lol xxx

  7. Yep, Chazza, the animated retching, "hooh hoooh hoooh!!!" lol

    That's what we call a true scream, when something takes you by surprise, it always sounds dead weedy.