Saturday, 11 July 2009

Oak Island Money Pit

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Money Pit on Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. Detailed description of what has been found.

The main pit was first dug in 1795 by McGinnis, Vaughn and Smith. The secondary pit (far right) was drilled by the Truro Syndicate in 1849. In 1897, the Oak Island Treasure Company sunk a drill down the centre of McGinnis's original pit. The whole area was littered with shafts sunk by other excavators.

Oak platform sealed with coconut fibre and putty.

In 1804, Smith and his partner, Simeon Lynds, discovered and removed an inscribed stone tablet (flagstone) from the pit.

The Truro Syndicate drilled through oak, a layer of metal, more oak, another layer of metal and finally a layer of spruce. They thought the drill had struck a treasure chest.

The flood tunnel. As soon as the excavators reached this depth, water rushed in from the sea.
The Oak Island Treasure Company's drill struck a sheet of iron.

At 46m (138 feet), the drill struck some soft stone and below that a think layer of oak. Then it struck some loose metal and a parchment on which the letters V and I were clearly seen.

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