Friday, 31 July 2009



  1. is this a joke? the blog you linked to seems to be authored by a mentally disturbed teen.

  2. so...a linking to a blog by a mentally disturbed adult would be OK?

  3. Does 'faggot' mean the same in the states? you know their English mneanings to ours. . lol xxx

  4. Chazza, in hindsight, this post could be deemed offensive to certain individuals...but he looks so much like my faggotty cousin, I had to post it :-)

  5. Chaz,

    * Faggot (slang), a pejorative for gay and effeminate men, or those presumed to be gay and effeminate.
    * Faggot (food), a British meatball commonly made of pork offal
    * Faggot (volume), an archaic unit of measurement for bundles of sticks
    * Faggot (wood) (or fagot), bundle of sticks or branches
    * Faggots (novel), a novel by Larry Kramer
    * Faggoting (metalworking), a metalworking technique
    * Faggoting, a knitting term (see Basic knitted fabrics#Faggoting)
    * Faggot stitch, a traditional embroidery stitch also known as Straight Open Cretan
    * Ashen faggot (or ashton fagot), a British Christmas tradition
    * Fire and Faggot Parliament, an English Parliament of 1414

  6. Boy. . .does it nough go on. Lol. I only know two. . Meat pork ball and really happy gay girly guy. . .xxx

  7. it IS offensive and ignorant!!!!

  8. Yes it is, Anon, but he looks so much like my geeky cousin, had to post. To humour myself.

  9. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha "I'm a fagot" Hahaha that dont explain anything but is funny


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