Wednesday 23 September 2009

Canadian C.S.I.


  1. how does it end.I bet he lost his soul, and went to hell.

  2. :D Muahahaha! Love it.

    You know, I always thought Fargo should have been a Canadian movie.

  3. There's a lit stick of dynamite right next to this guy, and he's concerned about a snow covered boot?

    Do Canadian Police eat pies instead of doughnuts?

    Maybe K2 is the calling cards of the perpetrator!

    Why are they looking at a boot?

  4. Yes Momo without a doobt, his soul fell right oot.

    Kate, I've never seen Fargo, so that comment is totally lost on me. I've led a sheltered life.

    Ben, I'm no expert in the Canadian accent, but I've kinda sussed it oot (about = aboot). Watching 'Trailer Park Boys' has helped.

    Tony, you and those great one-liners. Get oot of here :-D

    Jasmine, I had almost given up hope of getting my 3rd post for today when I found this one - rejoice!

  5. anyone met a Canadian that says aboot? seriously????
    not funny anymore

  6. Aha, I don't know where the idea that we say "aboot" came from. Maybe Bob and Doug Mackenzie, maybe it's a Maritimes thing, maybe I've just been saying it and not noticing it (how do you say about then?)

    Also, Joanne, I live in Halifax, where they film Trailer Park Boys. Bubbles has his own bar here - it has shopping carts hanging from the ceiling.

    Go watch Fargo. It is an amazing movie. One of the best black comedies ever, despite being American.

  7. Anon, they don't say "aboot", we just don't know how to spell how they do say it :-)

    Kate, I hope you're not offended, I can't slag anyone off, from Northern Ireland but a lot of people here think I'm Scottish, my accent's so broad.

    Oh I'd love to visit Bubbles' Bar, class :-) Trailer Park Boys is fantastic.

  8. Lemmy, Ricky was the first person I thought of when I saw this :-D