Friday 25 September 2009

How To Make Damson Jam

Step 1:
Locate fruit baring Damson trees.

Step 2:
Carefully select perfectly ripe fruit.

Step 3:
Ask yer ma to make the jam.


  1. Lazy wench, my ma would say "Make your own!.... and bring me a couple of jars, when it's done".
    And you've just made me mindful of the key ingredients of sloe gin, in a hedge near work... Nononono!!! not bottles of gin, the other bits.

  2. Soubriquet, hello I'm still waiting on my jam, surprise surprise. Sloes? I've never brewed up any kind of alcohol, more's the pity.

    Nice blog ye got there.

  3. If someone gave them to me, I'd make jam! YUM!

  4. BG, there's a ton of fruit to be had, you'd be very welcome :-)