Wednesday 2 September 2009

A Head A Day Helps Us Work, Rest And Play

"I’m working on a project that requires me to paint many 3″ x 3″ portraits, so I’m soliciting headshots from everyone."

Please note, these are not my paintings, a quote from the website ^

A painting every day or so here.


  1. Holy hell, girl, those are really good!

  2. I will send for sure! nice work

  3. Coop, aaah no, no they're not mine.

    I should have lied, shouldn't I?

    Not bad Momo, sham (pronouced shem) That's a local phrase used by spides (which is another local phrase).

    Anon, I emailed a photo of my nephew, in hope that he'll have his portrait done for free. Then I'll print it out and give to his parents as a cheap Christmas gift :-)

  4. Well, I see that now. But I'll bet yours are good.
    - bunmeno

  5. Coop, I realised it looked like they were mine so I changed the wording a little, :-) My are crappy.

    bunmeno is an anagram of o bunmen...I'm scared.