Saturday 17 October 2009

He Pimped His Ride


  1. Like the car! and the 'hydraulics' haha.

  2. Hi J.C. . .im going to have to get myself down the ole cyber cafe to enjoy your Video ones.

    This N96 dont do videos from bloggs. .They sound real funny. You never fail to make me laugh. Tonight, one of those nights I tend to get every so often i just cannot get to sleep for love or money. . .even though got in real late. .

    speak soon. Hope alz well at your end.

    Chazza xxx

  3. Very interesting.

    The captcha I have to complete before this comment will post is "comedi." Kind of looks like comedy.

    Comedic geniuses? Ask the captcha.

  4. Brenda, it's one cool machine, I have to say.

    Tony, brake, throttle and stall :-)

    Chazza, at least your phone does internet, mine takes a minute to open the homepage, never use it at all for browsing. Hope you got to sleep again.

    Jasmine, my captcha generator is possessed.

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