Saturday, 3 October 2009

Prank Call To Golden Inn

ends at 3:50, after that it's repeated.


  1. hi hun. . Sorry has been a while, hope alls well at your end. Howd it go with hubbies trip to states and your me pamper time. . Lol? Be emailing you tomorrow for a good natter and catch up when I get down cyber cafe.

    Oh that little pregnant stray, (i call her stray, strays and stays at mine practically full time. . .lol). Bless she had her kittens under my dressing table this morning 7.30. 4 of the most gorgious little mites.

    I was a reck the thought of shes due, shes getting bigger and bigger each day. . how im going to help her. .lol. She delivered cool as a cucumber. She woke me at 6am, practically however she saw fit. . Nudges, wet nose on face and elbow etc. As you know im not a morning person. . .

    Sham i cant text photo to you in Ireland. . .Speak tomorrow

    tc. . Luv chazza. . Xxx

  2. Hey Chazza,

    He's all back again, got me a camcorder, nice one Smout!

    Glad to hear the little kitty and kittles are OK, you're an auntie! (or is it grandma? ;-D)

    Can you send phone photos to email?

    Talk soon,

  3. How two guys got a totally fake lawsuit broadcast on Court TV, during sweeps week. The Court TV Prank