Tuesday 13 October 2009

I'm Going On This Salad Diet

Full of nutritious celery and stuff.



  1. It's actually kind of sad. She probably thought she was putting that recipe up because she thought it was good and now people are mocking her.

  2. That's the biggest 1 cup of sugar I've ever seen! Also, did anyone else hear her gasping for breath throughout the video?

  3. I have actually eaten that pasta salad before - it was a family function - and I hated it. Couldn't swallow it.

    Yes, the pasta absorbs the "dressing" but good googly-moogly, it is just nasty. You can't even taste the pasta. And the veggies are there for color only. Trust me.

    And yes, I did hear her breathing heavy. I work as a nurse and it is just tragic what happens to these morbidly obese people. We can't even provide proper care for them - we can't turn them over so their skin breaks down. It takes multiple sticks to find a vein. I could go on and on but it's just disgusting.

    She seems like a really sweet woman. I wish for her sake she didn't eat like she does. That pasta salad is just one of many problems.

  4. Exactly, they get gastric bypass and they still get fat again. I think it is a total psychological problem this people have, it's like they want to destroy themselves.

  5. Yes I agree and see all your points of views so, so true.

    It is sad, sad in deed. Alot of ignorance alot of the time. But we all have to face facts as a nation we have/are become a fat society of fast and convenient fooders.

    There is anough shite channels on sky and free view, why is there no pure interactive health ones? Not everyone can afford internet. Everyone has TV n freeview


  6. BG, it is sad, must agree. I posted it in disbelief of the ingredients going in, never thought of poor girls feelings at all the comments she must be getting.

    Melissa, yeah, when you're addicted you're addicted, I suppose.

    Deana, when people consume processed food they don't think of the junk in it, but there's no excuse here. I felt my arteries hardening watching that.

    Justina, it's lack of knowledge as you say or people choosing not to accept the harm mush like this creates.

  7. When macaroni salad starts with a "small" can of sweetened condensed milk - you know it's the lite recipe.

    Wow.. just wow.

  8. ZP, at first I thought mmmm condensed milk but felt a bit sick by the time it got to the mayo.

  9. I 1/4'd the recipe and it was quite tasty as a side... not as a big bowl of main though!! VERY bad for the health, but with a thick burger...

  10. djbass, I'm impressed!...are you still alive? :-)