Thursday 1 October 2009

Some More Crazy Ass Tattoos


  1. Well, that first one is totally racist. That baby is fugly (just the tattoo version, of course) and that is a stupid thing to do to your butt.

  2. Jasmine, the first one still made me laugh (and I'm Irish).

    The poor kid looks like a glove puppet.

    Second last one, I remember something about him in an article, think he's some kind of deformed pervert.

    Is the bottom one meant to be Bill Clinton or one of the Doctor Who's?

  3. I was joking about the first. :)
    And I have NO idea about that bottom one.

  4. The one with Jimmy Carter is particularly unfortunate . . .

  5. Deana, lol, ah right Jimmy Carter. My third guess was going to be Sam from True Blood (then Jimmy Carter).