Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Novelty Pisa


  1. Pity, no socks or he'd be on the sandals and socks site as a soxer of the week.

  2. It's impressive, Jasmine, although leaning to one side a bit.

    Keith, it would be a prime candidate but rules is rules!

  3. chazza said: lmfo as I was scroling down on my phone i thought Wow Jc you could have shaved your legs, done your nails. . .lol. You and your upside down shots

    men ha typical. . .Dick obsessed. If only everything else in life they thought big. . Xxx

  4. Chazza, if I'm ever in Piza, I shall be trying this out.

    Should have passed it off as my photo, shouldn't I? You wouldn't have been able to tell the difference :-)

  5. chazza said: lmfo. . You are a one. . .certainly an idea/challenge for future hol pics. Xxx


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