Friday, 13 November 2009

Perfectly Boiled Eggs

From top left, boiled for 1 minute and then at 2 minute intervals, ending with bottom right 15 minutes.


  1. Were you bored. . .? lol chazza. . ;-p xxx

  2. p.s. . .Second thoughts thanks for doing the hard work, shall take timings down. I can never get my egg right. End up opting for fried, scramble or omlette. . :-( lol xxx

  3. Chaz, I never get mine right either...and I probably still won't :-)

  4. I made hard boiled eggs last night. From the looks of it (and taste) I'm pretty sure I did it right. :)

  5. I learned a trick from one of the TV chefs, that reduces the need for "precision" in timing.

    Put water straight from the tap in a pan, enough to cover the eggs. Use a needle to poke a hole in the "fat" end of the eggs, to let air escape and eliminate burst eggs. Put eggs in water. Heat at high heat until the water (with eggs) reaches a rolling boil. Turn the heat off, and let the eggs sit. After 15 (-ish) minutes, run cool tap water into the pan, and let sit until eggs are cool. PERFECT HB eggs.


  6. Jasmine, congrats :-) I usually aim for no. 4 or 5 egg and get no. 8 :-)

    Chris that sounds like a plan, nicely boiled eggs with none of the green around the


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