Wednesday 11 November 2009

People Of Public Transit

more Thanks John Michael


  1. Im amazed how dead asleep these people can be. . .this is a common sight travelling on trains back from the City of London.

    I had a guy fall asleep on my shoulder. I dont know why i didnt just wake him. . .the cheek really.

    Other passengers were laughing at my discomfort or smiling with amusement of my situation.

    On my stop, I had to let him drop. Ran out the doors without looking back as I heard a thud. . .behind me. .

    Always happens to me. . . Lol

    chazza xxx

  2. Chazza, I wuold be the same, mortified but unable to wake him. Glad you got your own back :-)

    In future wear spiked shoulder pads on public transport, lol.

  3. where do they sell 'em? Lol Xxx

  4. here :-)