Thursday 26 November 2009

TheMotherChick Performance Of Danzig Mother



  1. TREEMENOUS! Although, this weather, it must have been a bit parky for Her?

  2. Aaaarrrgggghhh!! My eyes!! My eyes!!!

    Where is the bleach?

  3. Tony, she must be on the grass :-)

    Deana, haha :-) can't be unseen.

  4. Hey kids: I AM themotherchick! Spank you very much for watching. Be nice, OK. Love one another...peace!

  5. Jill, I'm in awe, really, very nice to meet you. I don't think anyone here realises you featured in the actual Danzig video.

  6. Yeah, Nice to meet you all too! I really did this just to prove to Glenn, that I'm alive & well, and have no hard feelings about him personally & still love his music.
    I do NOT, repeat NOT use drugs!!
    I just love to dance to good rock songs, and I am hoping to get a reality-show, since I'm such a good actress (LOL). It should be like "Themotherchick Charm School" where I cast the demons out of bad boy/girl rockers! I mean this in a FUNNY way - it would be hilarious, and also bring love & light into a very dark world.
    Peace to you & Happy Holiday!

  7. Jill, you should have your own reality show, I'd watch it. I imagine it being a cross between the Osbournes and Elvira:Mistress of the dark, great stuff.

    Hope you have a rocking Christmas!

  8. Joanne Darling - Yes all things rock in themotherchick world! Happy New Year! Nuthin' but the "blessed" for you in 2010 baby! Spanks a lot for the attention! Maybe I'll invite you on the show - LOL!

  9. Jill, hope it's a great year, keep making the videos xo