Friday 5 March 2010

Car Mod Of The Day


  1. chazza said: oh dont. . .lmfo. Every Chav young boy racers must have in England.

    I over heard two young girls talking once. . 'got to get myself a spoiler for the car' said one to the other. Pointing to this Escort in the shopping car park.

    The other girl. . ' why?'

    The first girl replys. . ' makes your car go faster'

    I burst out laughing and so wanted to say out loud to the pair of 'em. . . 'no darling its the accelerator peddle when you press down on. . .' xxx

  2. Chazza, if they're relying on the spoiler making them go faster, they'll be sorely dissapointed....unless it has an engine.

    Ah well, it can always double up as a clothes horse.