Monday 1 March 2010


The say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb...the climate in Ireland is no longer referred to as "Irish Weather" - it will now be referred to as "Muslim Weather" - partly Sunni, but mostly Shi'ite.


  1. You made me laugh out loud in the library. Best worst almost-innapropes jokes in a looong time.

  2. chazza said. . .you go girl. Lmfaao.

    Is Ireland as bad as England lacking a backbone!!?? . .

    Since I was a teeniebopper. . .we have always had Bingo halls called 'Mecca'. Suddenly 'they' woke up and made this franchise/s rename its self xxx

  3. Michael, Ahhh your joke is better :-)

    Kate, glad I gave you a laugh, stole it off an email, hehe.

    Chazza, not sure if Ireland has a backbone or not, I live up in its head.

  4. chazza said. . The brains! Lol xxx

  5. p.s in England they say 'its raining cats and dogs. . ' no idea where it came from or why. Even ive said it many times. . Emm :-§

  6. Chazza, lol Ireland will never be free with England eating at the brain :-)

    In the middle ages, many houses had thatched roofs that reached close to the ground. Such roofs would be constructed by piling up thick straw, on the roof without any wooden support. And, since houses in those days were often cold and damp, animals—dogs, cats and other small animals such as mice, rats, etc.—lived in the straw on the roof. However, whenever it rained hard, the straw surfaces became wet and slippery. This would sometimes cause some of the animals to slide and fall off the roof. When people saw this, they were heard to say that it was raining so hard that it was “raining cats and dogs”.