Wednesday 10 March 2010

Poor Ole Corey, RIP


  1. chazza said: :((. . What can you say.

    These poor young actors enter that entertainment world so young. No real childhood way of growing up.

    Money no object unfortunately. . attracts the low life thats gets them on it in the first place. xxx

  2. apparently he turned down chance of being on a celebrity rehab show....ah

  3. chazza said: as they say ''no one really knows what lies beneath''.

    Alot, start as a bit of fun (they say). Becomes an addiction, unfortunately. Then controls and rules all their emotions in every way.

    Im afraid Im a real nightmare. If i invest my time, emotions,consideration etc in a relationship. I wont even let them smoke. . . .Xxx

  4. Chazza, it's a bit like toilet training a dog, isn't it?