Monday 22 March 2010

Cat Chatterings With Translations



  1. Hi Joanne, a friend just sent me this link on facebook, since I'm nuts about kittehs. :}

    I'm so glad someone has filmed their cats doing this - I have seen one of my current cats behaving like this and my old cat years before that and both under the same circumstances - sitting outside on a high window ledge, unable to reach the birds that were just nearby. I have a theory that those strange noises the cats are making are either frustration that they can't get to the birds or is their attempt to mimic the birds to make them come closer, so they can grab them.

    Are those cats yours? Do you know what they were looking at?

    Thanks for sharing this with us, and the dubbed version is hilarious!

    Kim Asher (Melb, Aust)

  2. Hi Kim, A kitteh lover is a friend of mine! Not my cats but mine do this too, usually at birds and small animals that resemble lunch. Never thought of the calling thing before, sounds about right. I thought it was nomnomnom

  3. He he ...
    Our cats do that. When they do it we say they're making "wistful cat noises" ... There is such yearning in the plaintive whickerings!! So funny ...
    Not sure the birds are fooled though! :-)

  4. Dr. Mieke, I know, they're longing badly "Git in my belleh" they seem to say :-)