Friday 12 March 2010

Finger Food


  1. Chazza said: thank god no blood. . . It certainly did make my bladder twitch. Thats why id never be in the medical profession. . .xxx

  2. Hundewanderer, it is, but a great photoshop job :-)

    Chazza, I know what you mean...years ago a cow stood on our dogs leg and it had to be amputated, every time I looked at the stump I got that very same feeling.

  3. chazza said: oh your poor dog. What a terrible experience for your dog and you . . .xxx

  4. That is terrifying, yet pretty cool.

  5. You know what's weird?

    I am in the medical profession - I am a nurse. And I see a lot of icky things.

    But this bugged me. I think it's because there is NO blood. Somehow, I'm more comfortable with the presence of blood than no blood.

    Not sure why . . .

    But, yeah, the bladder twitching - very, very good description of the feeling I got.

  6. Chazza, he ended up running away, him and his three little legs :-(

    Jasmine, funny I can't see the gory side, reminds me of a mannequins hand.

    Deana, you's have fun trying to put that hand back together!