Tuesday 2 March 2010

Van Gogh Cake


  1. I can't decide whether is a wreck or awesome or maybe both. Hmm both I think!

  2. think it's very cool!

    i've seen the original Starry Nights and let me tell ya Vincent laid the paint on just about as heavy as frosting on that thing too!

  3. chazza said:. . .is there a cake inside? A real mastercakepiece. G8 colours, vibrant n alive.

    Im usually the one who just eats the icing to the fruit cake (not a real fruit cake lover. . .unless light n fluffy).

    Even I would admitte defeat to eating the icing. . .xxx

  4. Anna it looks good but I get the feeling the icing is hard as a brick.

    Artman, yep not sure if there's a cake in there at all.

    Chazza, haha just what I was thinking. Might be a nice lemon sponge but I doubt it.