Tuesday 29 April 2008

Andy & Lou

One for Kimberly. If you liked Daffyd, you'll love Andy.


  1. Hahahahahaa!!!
    That's so crazy retarded...LOL....

    I need to find Daffid?? as well as those guys on DVD
    Hey! did you look at those blogs?

  2. I looked at the blogs but I couldn't find anything, I don't know how far back I have to go.

  3. ..... as far back as you can, and do me a favour Joanne, get me a Mr. Whippy on the way, make it a 99

  4. Awe....Thanks for Checking it out anyway!....

    The fact is, I'll really never know, but My friend from the Geek Squad is comming over today to see if I can do any damage....It's just really bothered the crap out of me that some idiot(I don't care if she's BDs' woman or not)has all of my information....

    She/He shouldna done that...........I've never been one to take much crap, So there's no reason to start now.

  5. So...MM, that's an ice-cream cone with a flake, without the ice-cream?

    Kimberly, I hope your tech-geek friend sorts it out, computers are brilliant (except when in the hands of psychos).

  6. Joanne, you are sharp - a country girl - sure you'd mind mice at the cross roads.
    Skip the chocolate then- just a cone;-)