Sunday 20 April 2008

Shit drivers

I left my car overnight at the train station and returned to find bits of it missing. There was a note on the window with a phone number which there is no answer to, so far.


  1. Sorry to hear it.

    Police report? Don't know how it works where you live, but if you were given a dummy phone number to discourage you from filing a police report, you may end up paying for the repairs yourself--and just the taillight lens costs probably more than you think

  2. It was an elderly lady, she's footing the bill...I feel bad taking money from a pensioner, but she did drive into me, lol.

  3. Im glad it was real number.I guess if she was honest enough to leave the right number.she was also honest enough to have the Insurance to pay.Have you had a quote yet?

  4. It is depressing I've reached a point where I don't automatically trust people anymore--but it was finally beaten out of me by the thieves and the liars.

    And bitter irony that a kindly old lady becomes dangerous when she's behind the wheel of an automobile. May someone gently but firmly take away her car keys.

  5. Tony, she doesn't want bring the insurance company into it, she'll maybe change her mind when she gets the bill! Still haven't had it looked at!

    John, she's maybe a deadly granny joyrider from hell. That would explain her not wanting to use her insurance (stolen car).