Wednesday 30 April 2008

Cute ferret

I've never associated ferrets with cuteness until now.

Via Cute Overload


  1. Awwwwe!!..I want one!!!

    Where in the world do you find all of these cute and cudlies??

    He's adorable! A friend of mine had a ferret when I was a kid, and I thought he was the sweetest thing ...until he got big enough to trash her room!..L..

  2. As I suspected; you're not a rabbit.

  3. Kimberly, I search high and low on the internet for all these cute animal pics. I've never had or held a ferret before.

    Reg I'm not a rabbit, but I could eat an apple through a tennis racket all the same :-D

  4. My sister was... (complimented??) one time by her boyfriend who said She could suck an 8 ball through a tennis raquet once...L...

    what a romantic thing to say.....

  5. Kimberly, that's a lovely compliment...I think, lol.

  6. what!!! you never seen a albino ferret? it's so cool, besides this animal are funny and incredibly intelligent, there's only a problem with then, are a little bit problematic.