Wednesday 30 April 2008

How to downgrade from Vista to XP

I'm sure this link will be useful to someone somewhere. Or maybe not.


  1. Ahhhh!!....Problem solved...And then some. Thank God for public IP addresses.....I had no idea. Thanx for your help tho sweetie!

    Also, for this vista to XP link..

    Have a great week!=0)

  2. I love my Vista--- well not mine. There are two computers in my home one wit vista, and one with XP.
    both have their good sides.
    Having said that, Bill Gates is still a BOLLIX.

  3. Kimberly, glad you got it sorted!

    Reg, Bill Gates is a bollix but I wouldn't say no to one of his weekly pay packets.

  4. Better still.someone at Work is trying to downgrade from Broadband to dail-up (with the same company) & they are finding the company strangely resistant to the idea!

  5. Tony, you'd have to be a real looney to go back to dial-up!

  6. yeah, no shit.......Who in the world would want to do that?....

    I could make 4 sandwiches AND a cake from scratch by the time I pulled up whatever site I was trying to get to......

    Unless, of course Tonys' friend was simply trying to make a point.