Friday, 25 April 2008

Strange deformities

You think you have it bad until you see these

Via Look At This...


  1. I don't even know what that blog was all about. My head began to spin.

  2. Im In Two-Minds About It............

  3. Well!!.........Technically, it is Sunday so...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    I hope you have a good one Joanne!!

  4. The magic of Photoshop?

    Actually, the little girl with the numerous limbs is being worshipped as Shiva!

  5. MM, I'm glad I'm only mildly freakish after seeing those.

    Tony, don't start arguing with yourself!

    Kimberly, thank you! My day is nearly over, I'm ready for my pit.

    Ist, I think they may be real!
    If that little girl doesn't make it as an Indian god she will make a great human spider at the circus.

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