Sunday 20 April 2008

Last ever footage of Laurel and Hardy in 1956

Via Bits & Pieces Via Cynical-c From Andy's Blog


  1. As far as I know they had a hard time getting by, and all was not as it appeared or as you would imagine. They were paid by the hour or show, and badly I heard. I guess you could say ripped off- if you consider their fame, and how well off they should have been. Very sad really. I'll just pop to google them- back in a sec.

  2. Aw, I never knew anything about their backgrounds - time to read an autobiography or two. It's sad to see them in later years, not in great health.

  3. I shall inform Howesy of this clip (which was partly used on a South Bank Show special on L & H). Great stuff, Joanne.

  4. Oliver died the year after this, Stan lived another 9 years. I picked up an interview with Stan on ebay that was recorded very soon after Oliver died which is very interesting.
    Love 'em, those two.
    They used to learn their scripts in different languages phoenetically, and film the same film 3 or 4 times, no subtitles for them!
    Thanks for this Joanne.

  5. Ist/Howesy, glad you enjoyed. What a lovable pair they were.