Wednesday 6 January 2010

Awesome Person


  1. I don't read your blog everyday but come to it when I need cheered up.
    This made me smile and cheered me up.

    Thanks for all your posts (even the one that shocked me to tears! Jingle Bells indeed!) :).

    I love your blog and hope it stays around for 2010.
    Thanks again and I hope 2010 brings you everything you want it too!

  2. this made me smile in the corniest way. Thank you!

  3. Roberto, yes you! *Points finger again*

    MomoMonkey, glad I didn't scare you away for good, and chuffed I make people happy with the blog, it's good fun.

    Karen, lol, I'm trying to picture the corny smile but all I can see is Mrs Doyle. wtf?

  4. chazza said: my Dad. . .bless him for passing on his genes. The patience and under standing of others, this past 10years especially.

    . . .and especially the advice he gave to me. . .'We all have got a conscience that its up to each of us to listen to n act accordingly. Dont waste your time, energy or speaking to those who are yet to meet theirs' .

    I always think and laugh out to this ditty of his. . .bless him, thats my Dad.

  5. Chazza, your da sounds like an awfully decent man, bit of a guru, too. :-)

  6. chazza said: ahh thankyou. . .just my Dad. :-)

    Who has passed alot onto me. I feel very blessed (from the ole school of fatherly responsibility, teaching and telling it like it is) especially so since loosing my Mum.