Saturday 9 January 2010

Random Phone Pics


  1. chazza: Glad Im not the only one with my washing trying to get dry with the Cats inbetween. .I hate winter for that .lmfo. Love it. . Mwah to you.

    If outside to dry and gets caught in rain, becomes a national monumentXxx

  2. p.s. . Cute cats, the two fathers of Mitzys kittens ive ended up feeding what with this weather couldnt bare to think they are starving.

    Let one in once. . .omg, lovely cat but he sprayed. Never again. . .what a smell.

    Brother and sis inlaw done my kitchen out for my Christmas pressy. . .Out of my old kitchen cabbinets, i want to try and build a cubby for them outside.


  3. @chazza are you the chazza who used to comment on my blog? *waving* even if y'all are a different chazza!

    love the photos, but those boots are too damn cute, sugar! xoxoxox

  4. chazza said: yes none other, its me huni. . *waving* back at yea. Left mess at yours. . Mwah. . .xxx

  5. Chazza, every available warm space has been absorbed by the kitties, never get clothes dry at this rate.

    Brill, the kitty cubby. Can picture you opening drawers and heads popping out like jack-in-the-boxes.

    Savannah, those boots were mega bargain in the sales, had a $99.99 sticker on them, I got for £ there's the £3 dress.

  6. chazza said: yr kittys are cute. . .their faces lookin at yea taking photie. . .lol xxx

  7. yeah Chazza, they're waiting for me to make a sudden move and they all scatter, still a bit wild.

  8. Random Comment
    "if u got nothing better to say about somebody, pls just shut up instead of making this rude jokes ...aarg"

  9. Gary are you saving on comments by recycling them...isn't that one from the Michael Jackson tribute post?

    here's my effort...

    "This is MY foot! I don't know where people are stealing this pic from but it's funny to see how popular my toes have become."