Saturday 9 January 2010

Simon's Cat Meets Maru



  1. chazza said. . .oh jc, jc. Jc. . :(. Ive locked myself out of my Facebook, had it on remember my password.Forgot my password. .too much Christmas/birthday/newyears festivities. . .lsmts. . .

    Have to go cybercafe to sort out, too cold. . .too windy. . .and snows turned into ice ring pavements.

    As they are rashening the grit. . .xxx

  2. Keith, aye they're great and so apt. Like the extra actor in this one :-)

    Chazza, oooooh dear, hope the p/w comes back to ya!

    They actually grit your pavements there? The grit comes from here (Carrickfergus)and they still can't do the footpaths or anything other than main roads.

  3. chazza said: 'health and safety' ruling from Europe. . .everything nowadays we cant move or the government and Councils excuses is surrounded by these rules from Europe.

    Until the grit is low. . .lol. Then they seem to be allowed to ignore. . .

    Have you ever seen the Wizard of Oz?. . .i bet all this power all of us/these countries under European law is dished out from a little grey ole man. . .lol