Saturday 9 January 2010

Cool Tractors, Hey!

Not technically a tractor but i'm gonna get me one.


  1. when i saw a video of those walking tracktors 5 years ago i thaught they would be standard by 2010. sadly they're not :(

  2. The walking tractor was developed by a Finnish company called Plustech, plustech is a subsidiary of another finnish company called Timberjack.
    The walking tree harvester had been in development for a long time before John Deere came along and bought Timberjack.
    John Deere killed the project.

    Despite the fact that the tech seems adaptable for a lot of other purposes. I wonder if in some nevada secret works there's one of these being put through its places in desert sand paint?

  3. schwer, I want one, imagine the look on car drivers faces.

    Soubriquet, Boooo to John Deere, the spoilsports. I hope there's still a few of them running through the wild, free.

  4. Yes, programmed as an autonomous unit, set to graze at gas stations that sell diesel.

  5. Ben, I'm so glad *wipes away a tear*