Wednesday 5 March 2008

3D Tetris

If you can't see magic eye pictures you can practice on this

Via Smout


  1. This is obviously a Tetris for intellectual acid heads. Aftet two seconds game over, so I - clicked off - came back over to comment.
    Now this is Tetris:

  2. I'm supposed to pick up a new pair of specs today from the opticians - it's gonna do me eyes in, so I'll have to leave this exercise for another day :(

  3. i like tetris 1d better:

  4. Bloody Hell Joanne!!! I fell of My Chair!!!!!!!!

  5. Sean - it's one of those magic eye thingies, you kinda stare through the screen/wall/house/neighbourhood and you'll see it properly. I had a go at proper Tetris there, what a blast from the past.

    Istvanski - X-ray spex I bet!

    xco - 1D Tetris - tricky ain't it?

    Tony - You musta looked too deeply!

  6. You flash f*cker, Istvanski. Let's see.