Friday 21 March 2008


I happened to make a comment on a blog and look what it turned into. Subsequent posts I made are purely to aggrevate things. Someone start a fight on one of my posts, please. :-D



  1. No! Start it yourself, ya lazy cow!

    (will that do?)

  2. You make me proud. Not a double digit IQ in the house. If most of those people (all named Anonymous it seems) lined up to have fistulas put in their heads, they'd be turned down. It would be like putting a window in a basketball.

    ... on the other hand, what a great idea.

  3. See what you've gone and started? Your subversive views have really stirred the shit now...and they're calling you "ignorant" because they don't agree with you. Unbelievable.
    Good work, Joanne.

  4. Smout...don't make me huff.

    Cooper, that is a great idea. Their empty heads could be filled with cut-out numbskulls
    busy at their chores.

  5. Istvanski, apparently I is a cow fistula

  6. So does that mean you didn't actually read my email?

  7. John, I wasn't referring to your email, someone said on the blog "You is equal to a cow fistula!" :-)

  8. You really stirred it up. "Enjoy your two-headed babies..." That was pretty clever.
    I'm not sure you want to start a big old argument on your own site though.
    I did that by putting up a joke about Muslims and their 72 virgins. After many weirdly worded and very perverted comments about my mother ... and several death threats, I've come to the conclusion that they don't have much of a sense of humor.
    But if you insist on hosting a fight, I want to wish you good luck.
    Keep up the good work!

  9. Jonco, you're right, it wouldn't be a good idea, I don't want to drive my few visitors away!