Thursday, 13 March 2008

St. Paddies' day


  1. I see that you've progressed from sleeping bag to cauldron. Very adventurous of you, happy St Paddy's Day, Joanne!

  2. Cool!
    I've seen people dressed in green, but you get first prize.
    Have a good weekend, and don't over do the drugs with the drink, or vice with the versa;-) ;-) ;-)
    Have three wishes on me, and if any come through/true, I want 25%.

  3. Why did St Patrick drive the snakes out of Ireland?

    It was too far to walk.


  4. Joanne, we all know how you crashed giving Pat a hand drive.
    When he said let out out the clutch, you opened the door, and bang!
    you're not a farmers daughter if you didn't get that chickens darlin'/or did you?

  5. Sean and istvanski, hope you two are sober.

    Hi Amy, happy St. Paddies day to you too! :-)


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