Sunday 2 March 2008

Exploded computer

My computer fan has been rattling for a few weeks so I decided to give it a spring clean. I was poking around it with cotton buds, got a bit carried away, twanged a wire behind it and something blew up. It smells like a sparkler. I switched it on and ran away (I'm scared of computers) After a few minutes I looked round the door and it's going again. What happened, nerds?

This is not a rodent - It's what was stuck in the fan. I have conducted tests and found it is 90% my dead skin 5% pressed powder 4% sock dust and 1% farts.


  1. Computer dirt my arse! That's your bellybutton fluff, that is...

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  3. There's no smoke without .....?
    Only a month ago something similar happened to me, but when I looked it wasn't gonin'... lucky for me the warranty was still valid- the electrics blew, and had to be replaced..... if you're still covered take it in, have a pro. - computer electrictian - look at it. There has got to be a wire not lashed properly or by poking around you may have caused a fault. Something burned- check it out.

  4. God Joanne, you should clean your ears more often.

  5. Oh oh, burning smells are never good. It might mean something has fried, in which case the more the computer is on the more damage you risk putting onto other components. Although it might just be something simple.
    Yes I agree, have someone look at it.

  6. If that's the kind of stuff you've managed to find in your computer with just a few Q-tips, I'm afraid things may be much more serious than they appear. Take a look out the window; is your donkey missing?

  7. yes i have had the same problem.ita a jungle!
    have you tried sprayduster
    ? it a can of pressurized air which shifts most of the fluffy stuff...........i have problems myself as i spilled a pint of beer on my keyboard on saturday night !

  8. Istvanski/Paddy: My secret is out - I'm a Silverback!

    Sean: My warranty has well and truly expired, I've had this for a few years now, got plenty of wear out of it. I have all my photos and music saved to an external drive so I'm eagerly waiting for the final explosion.

    Cyrano: After all the poking around it is still rattling like mad when I start it. After 10 minutes or so it goes away. It would likely cost more than it's worth to fix so I'll take my chances :-)

    Cooper: Oh my God - the donkey is missing! I twanged the donkey fuse and the explosion vapourised it!

    Tony: Sprayduster, I like the sound of that, dunno where to get it, like, but I'll have a look on Ebay. Never spilled a pint on my keyboard, just various foodstuffs which I slobber off it again like a dog. I suggest you try to slurp the beer out of it (would be a terrible waste not to).

    Thank you for all your kind thoughts and comments in this terrible time of Computery doom.