Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Dark horse

Messing about with Photoshop again...If only someone would show me how to use it properly.
This lovely girl lives up the lane from me.


  1. Go here to see some really good amateurs at work. Then go here to learn how they do it. Start with these:
    layers & masks
    face swap
    minimal colour

  2. Cooper, thanks! That looks like a great website, I'll have a good go at it when I get home from the zoo today (If they let me back out)

  3. Stop taking that LSD stuff- you'll et small changed, you will;-)

  4. Y'know, it's not like I spend all day on the internet (well ... I do, but try not to be judgmental), but I found this today. It might be just what you need.

  5. Sean, you mean that photo doesn't look normal to you? :-)

    Cooper, I have a terrible secret...I can't read! Hehe! I've bookmarked that as well, for when I'm in a patient mood.


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