Tuesday 4 March 2008

Whatever happened to....

TaB - Coca-Colas first diet drink. It wasn't available in the UK for long. I can still remember the taste of Tab clear, like a melted down cola flavoured lolly.

Creamola foam - manufactured in Scotland, came in the form of colourful crystals which were dissolved in cold water to form a sweet, effervescent drink. The fun was in the making of it, spooning it into water and watching it foam up. I remember the taste always made me screw my face up (It stuck, I should have sued).

Secret - I had forgotten about this one. A bit like a walnut whip.


  1. Advertising, I never under under stood why it actually worked, but it does.

  2. Paddy, it does when there's food involved. Bet you were slabberin' looking at her eating the secret.

  3. I never drank Tab or Creamola, but I'm addicted to R White's Cream Soda and Old Jamaican Ginger Beer.
    I used to be a big Coke addict, you know...

  4. I love cream soda too. I bet you could drink Canada dry. (excuse the pun)