Wednesday 12 March 2008

Joshua Tree falls down

Sadly, the tree featured on the U2 album "The Joshua tree" has indeed fallen down. Maybe U2 will put up a plaque.

I used to have a Joshua Tree duvet cover and pillowcase in case anybody's interested. No? ok...

Via Look At This...


  1. The best name for a band that I ever heard; "Bono's Charred Remains".
    Courtesy of Jello Biafra.

  2. If I ever form a band I shall name it that and do Lard covers in the style of U2.

  3. The Most Famous Tree In The World?

  4. Had they been a little less musical and a little more botanical, Bono and friends would have thought twice before naming an album after something so fragile. What's wrong with The Purple Loosestrife? Or The Pernicious Morning Glory That is Consuming Most Of My Back Yard? Those things are forever.

  5. Tony, I think it may be, well, excluding that tree someone made into a toilet, somewhere.

    Cooper, good point, more people could identify with those, thought they might start hacking the album cover with hedge clippers, in rage. At least you have prettyish weeds, all we have here is 'Robin-run-the-hedge' and Creeping buttercup.

  6. Bono was walking through the desert in his vest one day and sees an odd looking plant. "What the feck is that thing?" he asks the Edge. "Let's write a song about it ya big ballix" says the Edge.

    The rest is history.