Thursday, 24 July 2008

Assortment of images

Found at Knuttz


  1. Cool, even the animals have developed a taste for stimulent.
    Coak is a rich mans speed.

  2. MM, that wee thingy is the Amy Winehouse of wee thingies :-)

    Ad, I'm sure whoever designed the bunny one never made it far in the world of graphic design :-)

  3. I just love the squirrel ones,esp the birds fight with squirrel for his nuts. No one would believe if the tale was told, pictures as they say...says it all. Poor ole squirrel. x x

  4. Chazza, I'm rubbish at telling stories, I would need the photos as proof. People still give me funny looks after the story about the big cat (a few years ago a big black panther or something walked across the road in front of me) I didn't get time to take a photo.

  5. Third picture down, bird in the blue dress; Amy Nuthouse look-a-likey.

  6. Ohhhh don't!!! I had a similar experience in Brentwood Essex. I was baby sitting for a mate and her husband. Couldn't stop the night and had to get home. It was between 3am-4am, and my friends live rather in a country area outskirts of Brentwood.

    So in the dark and only my lights for company to see through the country lane. A black figure stepped out in front of me, I slammed my brakes on and I WAS SHOCED a Black Panther. It had the cheek to stop and give me a dirty look as if I disturbed his night.

    I was in shock. . A PANTHER. . . I was so disturbed and shocked at seeing this animal. On the way home I stopped at the Police Station and reported it as a little way down where I had my encounter with the Panther was a small row of houses.

    You can imagine. . the copper and his copper mate...asked me straight out "HAVE YOU BEEN DRINKIN'?" and what did it look like. I told him not realising what shot out my mouth. Just like the pink Panther cartoon...except he was black and walkin' on all fours.

    The copper had his joke on me, nudge nudge winking at his copper mate and then Thanked me as for the information. As apparently there has been sightings of a Black Panther in that particular area.

  7. Chazza, I think we should start up a club for people who seen big cats in the UK. The woman down the road from me seen a big beige one licking it's balls in her garden, and my area manager saw a black one sitting beside some trees when he stopped the car to take a phone call.

    There's 4 people for a start!

  8. lol. . x xYou can be the Chairwoman/director and Ill be the roving reporter.