Thursday, 10 July 2008

Competition of the day

Doo doo doodoodododoooooo

Get your crayons out - There is no prize as I'm tight as a ducks arse. I'll post any entries though.
First entry is from Unkle Lancifer

Next we have one from Jarons20

His majesties offering

A Monty Pythonesque creation by Gary

An attempt by me
Ooh this one by MrsILuvNUFC has a caption - extra points!

MrsILuvNUFC strikes again, boy she's good!

Hmmm Istvanski...I think you/we may be in trouble after this one. (There was another entry from Istvanski, terribly NSFW - email me if you want to see it)


  1. A bird?

    A plane?

    NO. . .Its just Superman AGAIN..x x

  2. "tight as a ducks arse"... first it was minge, and now this. I have to say this is most educational blog I visit.

  3. Tight as a gnat's chuff is preferable.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. sshhh! I think IT'S still asleep. . . REALLY. . .

    Y E S d e a r... What ever you say dear....

    IT HAS BEEN 1 AND A HALF (with tears streaming down my face...)x x

  6. Chazza, it sounds like so much fun in your house - I bet there's nerver a dull moment :-)

  7. Ohhhhh Yeah!!!.Patience in abundance is

    It is a good thing I do love him and understand HIS SICK sence of humour over the umpteen years.

    Unfotunately my friends don't (have to end up explainning..As they say we cannot all love the same kind of guy.) On here GOD KNOWS WHAT YOU GUYS SEE INTO IT.....

    It was one of his first chat up lines...Quote: "I have a sick sence of humour and at times don't think before I speak...don't mean to offend". (still wondering if excuse for or getting away with).

    We are the original Olive and Arthur (on the buses...).

  8. P.s I have pics of Isti in the nude asleep . (sunny side up or strangle duck)....

    Now that would be -------- (fill in the blank when you see... N.F.F.V.the choice is you..shame I forgot the daffodile)!!!. . .lol xx

  9. LOL! Oh bloody hell, if you publish those pics...(just make sure there's no nude ones of you) :-)

  10. Just one sneaky pic that Isti got without me knowing. When I was jet lagged and shattered when we went to Dubai on our holls.

    Thank God it was of my behind and for once the pic looks better of my behind than the real xx

  11. If I ever thought there were pics like that going around of me I would set fire to the whole

  12. Oh yeah, Dubai. Chazza was still 'housing' that bottle if you know what I mean. Ah, but you, Teela & He-Man have already seen that...


  13. "Me!!!...Sweetheart. you sure about that...? You really do need to go to specksavers and I will gladly pay for the bifocals"

    "Ah, but you, Teela & He-Man have already seen that..."

    "Yes Your -ollocks" (down to the ankles what with the weight of that bottle of JackDaniels....I did say a small one would have sufficied...."




  14. I have visions of you two walloping each other over the head with frying pans :-D

  15. No

    Nothing like that with us. Pure utter old fashion...sarcasm with us. (Arthur and Olive style...)

    (no fear..cruilty to Our Frying pans. No way, cooks a good fry up with out stickin'. .x x