Thursday, 3 July 2008

My penis name

Your Penis Name Is...

Little Juan

Via Tri-Ops


  1. Bow down to

    "Phantom Lord Of Underworld Darkness"

    I think I'll stick to calling it Vernon

  2. Oh!!! I heard some right ole' ones from my ex's...Percy, Arthur, Dome, Wills and wait for it Knob...Lol x x

  3. I just got my official - but I knew it - penis name, King Kong.

  4. Ad...what on earth is your full title when that came up... :-D

    Chazza, Knob - how romantic!

    MM, aren't you the lucky one, Luckily enough I'm a girl (in case you didn't already notice) being given a penis name with litle in the title.

  5. Lets play doctors and nurses.
    I loved that game when I was a kid, and it's so socially acceptable too.
    You first, ah go on.

  6. Ah! There Hangs A Tale...........
    How does this work? I type in "Tony" and get "Curious George"!

  7. D'man, that's quite a respectable result.

    Tony, well if the cap fits...

  8. I justtyped in "Ad".

    Episode 2 is up by the way. We're taking requests at Radio Wun now too.

  9. D'man, that's quite a respectable result.

    Yeah. baby! Shagadelic!

  10. Goliath.

    I prefered "Atari Teenage Joystick" but it was no longer called that when I reached my twentieth.

  11. ITS ONLY MEN THAT DARE NAME THEIR MEMBER, some tatoo it..(incase they loose it I guess).

    I've forgot the website I once came across. The TRUE meanings behind of what each guy named their member...get back to you when I find. All I can say IS.. IT WAS F U N N Y.

    You know that saying when the GUY SAYS 8 INCHES HE REALLY MEANS...4 (his bifocals glasses adds length ...)

    lolx x

    Isti...A Year and a half ago I x x

  12. Chazza...are you telling me Isti wears bifocals? LOL!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. HE NEEDS bifocals to find his glasses...I tell you what though...Guess out of the list I gave ist does call x x

    P.s As they use to say its NOT THE SIZE that counts but what they know what to do/regularly?

    To day it is a relief if they remember to shear the wool down stairs, rather than the 'go wild in the country'.

    (Give me a smooth as a babies bum any time).lol x x

  15. Chazza, stop it with these mental images, I have a picture conjured up of a "dome" that looks like Mohammed from Big Brother. LOL

  16. Lol. .

    Ohh believe me I have got every MAN who has been intimate with me. Has sheared his wool. No fluff on these lips...

    Ohhhh you watchin' BB too, I promise myself EVERY YEAR (what with such a shite summer this year)not to get addicted and do...xx